"the light and the veil" exhibition 2019

"Princepts Concordia"

(Prince of Harmony)


 ODE to the Dawn of the Renaissance authored by Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola's Oration on:

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Princepts Concordia

"Lyre Davidicus 2017"

The "Caduceus": symbol most often associated with the staff of Hermes "messenger of the gods with a winged head"  OR in contemporary use:  Doctor/healer
From Greek, "Pineal" gland translates into "PINE CONE"
From Greek to English:  "Pineal" Gland translates into "PINE CONE"
"Hippocampal Commisure" 2017
or "Lyra Davidicus" and it translates directly from Greek/Latin as:  "united Seahorses"  or "Davids Harp"
emulation of leonardo Davinchi wing sketches. 
with an integral fixed wing design;  Mr. Lavin's wings are constructed to fly!
"Caduces" x
"Caduces" x+Y
to view an intimate interview
filmed by fellow artist Brian

A very rough sketch, This is a Work in progress.  Depicts what will be

viewable on a large vertical flat screen just to the right of the

Exhibition.  This video loop will run continuously and provides the viewer

with a morph-Orphic view of a message spoken without words;  a

synchronous descriptive thread associating each piece with


Hippocampus from Greek:  Seahorse

PineAL gland FROM Greek:  pine cone

Welcome to Eddie's workshop To
Veiw a PRoject Milestone: 
Cutting Granite with
Cobalt/Diamond tooth Chainsaw

to Order an uniquely engraved replica;  
or to speak directly with the sculptor with regard to your own unique Inventive design:
Thank you for taking a moment to join the common light

Photo Taken During interview with 

Selene San Felice ssanfelice@capgaznews.com

and Photographer Joshua McKerrow/Capitol Gazette

Click Here for another view of the Two front page Capital Gazette Articles:
Again, for my Brothers & Little Math nerd Sisters.  This is the first "Unveiling" OF my Special Gen3sis Studios D-Prop Formula and associated D-Prop Prototype  You saw it Here first!!!

   My Favorite New "Facod-Book" a.k.a facebook post...... For my brothers....!

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