My Favorite New "Facod-Book" a.k.a facebook post...... For my brothers....!

Again, for my Brothers & Little Math nerd Sisters.  This is the first "Unveiling" OF my Special Gen3sis Studios D-Prop Formula and associated D-Prop Prototype  You saw it Here first!!!

"the light and the veil" exhibition 2019

"Princepts Concordia"

(Prince of Harmony)


 ODE to the Dawn of the Renaissance authored by Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola's Oration on:

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Princepts Concordia

"Lyre Davidicus 2017"

The "Caduceus": symbol most often associated with the staff of Hermes "messenger of the gods with a winged head"  OR in contemporary use:  Doctor/healer
From Greek, "Pineal" gland translates into "PINE CONE"
From Greek to English:  "Pineal" Gland translates into "PINE CONE"
"Hippocampal Commisure" 2017
or "Lyra Davidicus" and it translates directly from Greek/Latin as:  "united Seahorses"  or "Davids Harp"
emulation of leonardo Davinchi wing sketches. 
with an integral fixed wing design;  Mr. Lavin's wings are constructed to fly!
"Caduces" x
"Caduces" x+Y
to view an intimate interview
filmed by fellow artist Brian

A very rough sketch, This is a Work in progress.  Depicts what will be

viewable on a large vertical flat screen just to the right of the

Exhibition.  This video loop will run continuously and provides the viewer

with a morph-Orphic view of a message spoken without words;  a

synchronous descriptive thread associating each piece with


Hippocampus from Greek:  Seahorse

PineAL gland FROM Greek:  pine cone

Welcome to Eddie's workshop To
Veiw a PRoject Milestone: 
Cutting Granite with
Cobalt/Diamond tooth Chainsaw

to Order an uniquely engraved replica;  
or to speak directly with the sculptor with regard to your own unique Inventive design:
Thank you for taking a moment to join the common light

Photo Taken During interview with 

Selene San Felice

and Photographer Joshua McKerrow/Capitol Gazette

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